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Spring 2023 - Community Arts Project

Our Community Arts project for Spring this year was a new venture for TASHL. With a grant from TAS we were able to provide a fun Arts Day for the displaced children currently resident at Thatcher’s Hotel.

The idea was to bring the children out from a hotel room to enjoy an opportunity to get creative within our community. The day was split into two sessions, age appropriate and we must thank Horsley Community Bus for making several trips along the Ockham Road with the families.

Hugely appreciated too was the positive energy of our committee and the willingness of the many volunteers from TASHL membership.

The theme for the event was in the spirit of “Spring” and the hope which the season brings.

Local artist and art teacher, Kellie Smitheman brought these ideas to us and organised several projects for the children to work on, each one colourful and achievable.

Most popular was a large communal canvas. It was an inspiring sight to see the children and their parents and also volunteers taking part in making this joyous picture.

Although shy at first, the families quickly warmed to the occasion and were soon chatting and smiling. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the families were clearly enjoying themselves – as were we all.

Such was the success of the event, we hope to bring another Community Arts Day to the displaced families, next time in Autumn and making full use of the materials we have left over.



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