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Community arts

The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace aims to encourage the population (of all ages) of the Horsleys to engage with the arts. For example: The Arts Society London gave a grant to all the member Societies to contribute to local art projects. TAS Horsley Lovelace was able to match the grant.


The grant was awarded to West Horsley Place to enable students from The Howard of Effingham school to participate in an intergenerational history project interviewing older residents about their connection with Mary Duchess of Roxburghe and West Horsley Place. Upon completion the results will be displayed in a temporary exhibition at the Manor House at West Horsley Place.


Apart from gaining an insight into the lives of previous generations, the aim of this project was to teach students interview techniques that would help them when they entered a work environment.

Another project of note was the Magic Lantern Young Arts project, which gave students the opportunity to produce their own version of famous works – Van Gogh’s sunflowers, for example.

Heritage Volunteers

Conservation and preservation of our heritage are tremendous burdens on the limited resources of museums, National Trust properties, historic houses, libraries and gardens.


Heritage Volunteers help them in non-specialist but vital ways by caring for collections, recording documents, guiding and stewarding. Lovelace has helped to organise volunteers to assist with the cataloguing of objects for the newly established Shere Museum, a project which is now complete.


In some cases the volunteers need specialist skills as in the ongoing Polesden Lacey Costume project. Recently one of our members was involved with a costume project at Hatchlands. 


We have members who are currently working in West Horsley Place as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project to clean and catalogue the 10,000 plus books in the house. They have received appropriate training in how to handle the books.


Horsley Lovelace members also volunteer as room stewards at West Horsley Place open days.


To find out more about our current Heritage projects please click the button below, or contact us to get involved!

Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey

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The library at West Horsley Place

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