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NG200 - Celebrating 200 years of the National Gallery

On 10 May 2024 it will come together and start its celebration of the National Gallery’s Bicentenary - 200 years of bringing people and paintings together.

For the entire year, it will celebrate its past and look forward to its future with a year-long festival of art, creativity and imagination which sets the tone for its third century.  

Everyone's invited

They invite everyone to join its celebration as part of an ambitious programme of events and exhibitions that extends from the Gallery into Trafalgar Square, across the nation, and to the world through a series of online and virtual experiences. Find out more about its programme, below.

NG200: National Treasures ​ ​

Opening on the same day – 10 May 2024 – at 12 museums and galleries across the 12 regions of the four nations of the UK, and each centred around a National Treasure. More than half the UK population will be within an hour’s journey of a National Gallery masterpiece.


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