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A brilliant Community Arts event

These are some images of our wonderful Jazz Morning at Lime Grove Care Home in Horsley.

This year, helped by a grant from TAS, we chose Lime Grove Care Home for our Community Arts project. It was decided to host a musical morning at the care home for the residents. The event took place on May 31st to an audience of about thirty residents enjoying popular songs played by top class musicians. 

The jazz trio was headed by Vic Cracknell on piano, accompanied by Stacey Dawson on saxophone and Cameron Barnett on double base.

There were smiles all round and toes tapping and some good singing too. The eldest in the audience was a lady of a hundred and two years old and most were very elderly. However, the energy in the room was palpable and the feedback from the residents and the staff was enthusiastic.

The aim was to provide high quality live music - the kind that you can feel in the air and in your soul too. This was achieved, enjoyed and very much appreciated.

On that rainy Friday, the set started with “Singing in the Rain” and finished with Eric and Ernie’s “Bring me Sunshine” which was most apt.



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